Gagarin 2018


Saturday 17th of March 2017

Gagarin 205 (Athens)

Gates open at 20:00
Ticket prices: presale 8€, sale 10€

  • Presale points:
    1. Cabezon (Kerameikou 110, Kerameikos)
    2. Rythm Records (Em. Benaki 74, Exarchia)
    3. Imantas (Sarri 46, Psirri)
    4. At viva.gr

We’re going to make a big gig. With our friends, a drummer, a DJ, a lyre player, two sound engineers, the bagpipes, the lutes, and the open microphones at Gagarin on Saturday 17th of March and play our old songs “different”.  Also present the new ones we are preparing.

DJ Booker behind the decks, Yiannis Michailides in lyre, Lucretia De Manchione at the drums, in the sound DJ Stigma and Vartan Abovian

Self-organization: Social Waste

Poster, artwork: Yiannis Ikonomakis