The wolf doesn’t perform for the circus

Lyrics: Leonidas
Presentation: Leonidas
Music Composition: Giorgis Nikas
Programming: Chris
Bagpipe, Double pipe, Lute, Wooden flute: Giorgis Nikas
Bass: Stelios Botsaris
Artwork: Ioannis Ikonomakis
Year: 2017

Mixed and mastered by Panayiotis (Misdeal) at Clepsydra Studio

Have a look at your cage, it is set up for you
It’s gold as well, but you are not a canary
It has bars, cinemas, cigarettes, drinks, and other stuff
But neither are you a goldfish in the pot
Even the shops where the poor buy
Make the rich richer these days
Sponsor are cooking the art and the recipe for you
But life is a fast train that doesn’t come late
They served you the “change” and everything is calculated for you
But I am like the crazy old-time number-10s
I play for me, for you, for none, for all
Menidi and Alicarnassus, together with the poor devils
I play for the kid that is sitting aside
For that crucial long ball, for the great dribble
And every now and then I coin a good song or two
Which says: the wolf does’t perform in the cirvus

He is hidden deep inside me, roars and doesn’t calm down
Because the wolf doesn’t perform for the circus
And if you worship as a king the lion that governs you
Still, the wolf does’t perform in the cirvus
He keeps for your misery all his world’s pitty
Because the wolf does’t perform in the cirvus
He roams around free with his flock
Because the wolf does’t perform in the cirvus

The circus is full of lights, it looks awesome
Home, work, car, etc.
The boss is generous and the programme is cool
They are also on the look for the new joker
Go! The opening is tailor-made for you
Your dad will be proud, your mum satidsfied
From this party of theirs I’d rather be absent
I’d rather stay together with the wolf
They don’t invite me to the festivals, neither to big concert halls
I don’t have a manager for a pimp, like others do
Neither do I pretend to be rich, gangsta and violent
We are grown-up kids, enough with this bullshit
I’ll stay on the sides, for as long as I can stand it
Stubborness is my weapon, and I am looking for trouble
The system around us is false and unfair
Yet the wolf does’t perform in the cirvus