It will be changed by us

Presentation: Yiagos Cheretis, Leonidas, Chris
Produced by: Markos, Chris
Prοgraming: Markos
Accordion, mandolin: Yiannis
Bagpipe: Giorgis Nikas (Antipoina)
Bass: Christos(The Kagoors),Stathis Dafalias
Lute: Yiagos Cheretis
Artwork: Yiagos Cheretis
Year: 2015
Recorded by Markos Pinakoulakis at his studio,and by Los Angelos (DJ Stigma) at GroundZero.
Mixed and mastered by Los Angelos (DJ Stigma) at GroundZero Sound & Design

I feel Rosinante’s ribs on my heels again
And let’s go
A secret was revealed to me by a passerby bird
And I’m not afraid

You’ve cornered me on the ropes you and hit me with punches
I am Mohamed Ali and you’re the US government
You hold the fork and the knife and i’m like a fillet on a plate
But I’m Zapata and Villa and you are the Porfiriato
It has begun- you cannot reverse it now
The square was filled in every corner of this country
It was whispered in schools by students
It was written by Phoenicians in the old parchments
It was told to Neruda and Allende in Chile
The madmen of Granma sang it in Cuba
Gilded angels in Fra Giovanni’s cell
Filippo Lippi’s Madonnas and Botticelli’s zephyrs
For a hundred years and even more Marquez was saying it in Macondo
And the sacrifice of the Argentinean was not without results
In Izzo’s Marseille and in this corner where I live
I told it to you some night and it did not seem silly to you
Now i making it a song with simple words for you to remember
In mornings you’ll wake up and at nights you’ll sleep
And each chorus says -i swear-
This rotten world you’ll see,will be changed by us
will be changed by us

I feel Rosinante’s ribs on my heels again
And let’s go
e secret was revealed to me by a passerby bird
And I’m not afraid
The pirates of utopia whispered it to my ear
Go and tell them
This rotten world- you will see- will be changed by us, will be changed by us

Kessariani, Olympus and Giona told it to me
In Mesounta Acheloos and in Lisbon Tagos as well
I saw it on a Sunday in Roberto Baggio’s dribbles
In Titian’s crimson and at Caravaggio’s red
I once heard it in Victor Jarra’s guitar
It was sang somewhere far by Mercedes Sosa and Violeta Parra
Captain Rouvas narrated it like a fairy tale to Thrasaki
at Chandakas’ Ruga Maistra, in a book by Kazantzakis
In Athens a hand with a spray in a wall had it written
Antonio Gramsci sent it to me with a letter from prison
in Mexico by Ricardo and Enrique Flores Magón were shouting it
you must have also heard it somewhere, and what are you going to do about it?
All Patras’ schools were waving it as a flag
Before the government sent centaurs to assassinate Temponeras
We sang it together with good company, and sweet wine
It was also said by Pavlos, in one verses, before Nazis killed him
In a passage of Chronis Missios probably from “The tiles are drippping”
I must have read it or I saw it in your eyes that are staring me
I am also telling it to you and go and say it, from here until the earth’s end
This rotten world you will see, ill be changed by us, will be changed by us