Strawberries of Manolada

Lyrics: Leonidas
Presentation: Yiannis, Leonidas, Aniatos
Produced by: Aniatos
Scratch: DJ Magnum
Year: 2013

How lucky we are, the storm is over
What do you want? Samaras said it clearly
I am telling you they are coming, arriving shortly
The Banks of Venizelos, the Development of Hadjidakis
After selling out Olympic Airways and the National Telecommunications Agency
Prepare the red carpet -here come the investors
“Oh welcome, welcome, what shall we offer you?”
OPAP (public gambling agency), DEI (electricity)
and water we are offering them
And if they also happen to discover oil
Then, my friend, we’ll be really fucked
Just like in Halkidiki and Stratoni
“it feeds us, gets fed from us, and kills us”
And you that you are taking it to the streets shouting
They are beating you up, so that you don’t scare the ‘investors’
After having pushed you into unemployment
Now they are switching work with slavery
And you’ll be working for 6 and 7 days
Sundays will be no different than Mondays
Around your neck they have passed your salary for a chain
-“and now dance bear, for your 500 euros”
Channel-owners and publishing houses are directing us
They want us quiet, like the chicken
The ship-owners in the background are assisting
And the deputies inside the Parliament are sabotaging us!

And Greece keeps reminding me
Of strawberries in Manolada*
As long as you have strength, you keep picking (them)
And thenafter, they throw you from the Ceadas**
The “guards” are guarding
And the “masters” are enjoying themselves
The cops are running after us
And they keep hitting and hitting and hitting…

When the animals in the farm do the ostrich
They are all equal, but some are more equal
And when they go nuts and make noise
The police gives them beatings and photoshop
Stupidity is undefeatable,
just like the shit in the head of the Golden Dawn member
In this second Metapolitefsi
With the neoliberal government
They cut your salary and they fired you
In three years, three times they sold you out
Ifigenia left, to look for a job abroad
And they sacrificed to the fascists the Citizenship Law
Justice is an arrow in their weaponry
Just one more, of the hookers in their agenda
And not even the most expensive you gotta know
“How did Pretenderis come into my mind now?”
The game is set and the referee slavishly submitted to power
And, with your head down, strawberries in Manolada
For the good of the bosses…sorry, Greece!

* Manolada- Strawberry-producing area in Peloponissos, notorious for the exploitation of immigrant workers in the strawberry fields. Yesterday, 17 April 2013, 20 immigrant workers were shot by the “bosses” because they “dared” to ask for their 6-months’ unpaid salaries…

** Ceadas- A deep cave near Sparta, where from ancient Spartans used to throw the disabled babies, in order to ensure the eugonics of their race…