The bands


Lyrics: Leonidas
Music: Giorgis Nikas
Presentation: Leonidas, Yiannis
Beat Programming: Chris
Bagpipe, Pandura: Giorgis Nikas
Clarinet: Panos Skouteris
Cretan Lute: Yiannis
Bass: Stelios Mpotsaris
Artwork: Ioannis Oikonomakis
Year: 2020

Recording, mixing and mastering by Los Angelos (DJ Stigma) at GroundZero Sound & Designs

Friends make them
Some dogs and cats
They talk with their eyes
And forget the songs

They come from the hoods
Their lyrics are punches
And they have this song
That’ll become a hit

In summers and cold
Airplanes and ships
In snow and sunlight
They travel around Greece

Although dead broke
They’ll get on the stage
To seduce the crowds
Before oblivion erases them

-Play a bossa nova
-Where are you, man?
We have a rehearsal
-I’m looking for some themes
For the new album

Do you have any lyrics?
Part of a refrain
Let me work on it
When I’m fed up

Early morning departures
-Be there, don’t be late
And the heart rate goes wild
Right before the concert

One-two, one-two
The voice sounds in the speaker
And the band on the stage
back then, now and forever