Flying against the wind

Lyrics : Leonidas
Presents : Leonidas, Parias, Aniatos
Produced by : Parias
Mixed, edited by : Fotis Kikiras
Recording Studio : Perasma
Year: 2002

The sample used is from the song “O Akrovatis” of Hainides, which can be found in their cd “Me kontra ton kairo” (Against the wind)

“The honor lies in flying against the wind
In being alone.. in being alone”

As I am learning little by little
In this place there’s many hidden facts, and many secrets
The brave are left alone and the criminals roam freely
Even the dreams at nights are being wasted
In times of difficulty our politicians escape abroad
And our priests “are studying”
Oh, as for our protectors –what a misfortune-
Are distributing us in doses our sadness and our pleasure
There is no turn of ours in this game
Others are playing for us in case you have not understood yet
But I am searching in Makronisos, in Gavdos
Looking for the traces of the brave
C’mon call me chief of the monsters
Bring me a “social beliefs certificate”
Inscribe on my forehead “666″
And let’s see which one of us will last longer
I know that the trustworthy and the honorable
Stay alone till the last minute
They have balls that go against their times
And the song you are now listening to is theirs

“The honor lies in flying against the wind
In being being alone”

What is a pitty? Look up EAM-ELAS
Looking for a betrayal? Search for the red non-action
Looking for traitors? I am sorry but there’s plenty
Looking for a brave man? Ask to be told about Aris!

Ask to find out what they did not tell us at school
Three lines in the book of history are not enough
How can you fit so much in three lines?
But that’s how they wanted it to be, for all to be satisfied
I’d have a lot to tell you both of bravery and of betrayal
But they have destroyed all the documents
Both our right and our left
Nobody searches them and all’s well
So hit me, stubborn era of mine
Hit me as much as you like, I don’t get discouraged
You are stubborn, but I am stubborn too
And if I don’t win I won’t leave you alone
Ι am not flowing with your currents like others
I kick the big asses
You see for the good or bad I have a lot kept for them
so keep the difficult stuff for me, you hear me time?
And if you find me with my head bowed
Hit me harder to get back to my senses
And my efforts are wasted too
Then, “Tzavella rendevouz where they’ll remove our skin”

“The honor lies in flying against the wind
In being being alone”