One truth and one lie

Lyrics: Nikos Papoutsis, Giorgis Nikas, Chris
Presentation: Nikos Papoutsis, Giorgis Nikas, Chris
Music Composition: Giorgis Nikas
Programming: Chris
Ancient lyre (chelys), Tampoura, Tzoura: Giorgis Nikas
Bass Stelios Botsaris
Duduk: Vartan Ampovian
Guitar, Synths: Stelios Tunas
Scratches: DJ Magnum
Trumpet: Nikos Papoutsis
Artwork: Ioannis Ikonomakis
Year: 2017

Mixed and mastered by Panayiotis (Misdeal) at Clepsydra Studio

It’s not Hollywood here, it is the Mediterranean
And in our heart the pain is permanent
From Aleppo to Izmir
Behind the fence into the night
In so much chill, Ayvalık and Mytilene
On the wave inside the boat
With a sling in the arms from Palestine
Which God of the two gives hope
And which god of the two closes the eyes
Where is the truth and where’s the lie
They have built prisons for everyone
Behind the borders they always speak with numbers
Always with numerals
They bargain souls in detention centers
For cheap wages in Germany
And they credit them for the next martyrdoms
And twelve-hour bondage for Happiness

For which truth in your life you struggled
how many lies you were always hiding behind
What did you say to two eyes that were asking
whether they have the right or hope to live
Which truth motivated some to try
To chase dreams around the globe
Which lie protected them from gods and demons
When rotten boats vanished in the Mediterranean
How many people lies have hurt
But how many others truths have hurt
Those who loved you and those you loved
Often moved away from what you never said

Having fears you preferred to abstain
And how many emotions were lost in thoughts
In which start you got scared, in which inglorious end
And inside you, you will have a truth and a lie

One truth the illusion of the “left” in power
And one lie with a NO and a YES having intercourse
The truth inside your youth to be the manifesto
And the contradiction at home, fairy tales to Ernesto
Sow a lie, water it with hope
Clean its leaves so that it shines, add color to it
Choose wrapping with audacity for stamp
And sell it to the crowd as the new political party
Where is the truth? And where’s the lie?
They change roles and hide mutant
They give battle to survive day by day
And it ends with the lie winner in the wheelhouse