Sand on your cogs

It’s been around fifteen years.
“Creative” writing class homework. The Teacher gave us as a topic a phrase by Elytis:
“Keep bothering them. In the cogs of the world be the sand, not the oil.”
Next day I called Parias.
-I have a couplet and a refrain, shall I forward them to you?
I did. He wrote the second couplet.
I never did the homework.

Leonidas, Social Waste

Lyrics : Leonidas, Parias
Presents : Leonidas, Parias
Produced, Mixed, edited by : Parias
Recording Studio : Multi Studio
Year: 2002

The sample used is from the song “O Erotas kai o Thanatos” (Love and Death) of Hainides, which can be found in their cd “Me kontra ton kairo” (Against the wind)

This song has not been translated yet!